Profile of Dr. A. Bari Lateef, Ph.D.

Dr. A. Bari Lateef, Ph.D. (Chemistry), was a faculty member in the Chemistry department for over two years before he accepted a faculty position to teach forensic science in the criminal justice department at Youngstown State University. He was promoted to the position of Professor in 1981 and department chairman from 1989-95. He took an early retirement to work full time at Tri-State Labs, which he has managed since 1981. In 1999 he acquired full ownership of TSL and in the year 2000 he fully acquired Environmental Control Labs (EC Labs) in the Cleveland area. In 2001 acquired new building facilities and moved the EC Labs operation to its current location at 38818 Taylor Street, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039. Dr. Lateef is a fellow of The American Academy of Forensic Sciences. He has distinguished academic career and an outstanding accomplishment of establishing environmental and forensic service labs.

Dr. Lateef has been married to Kauser Lateef, who is an officer of the corporation. They are very proud of their children, Babur Lateef who is a practicing Opthamologist in Woodbridge, Virginia and Omar Lateef is completing his fellowship in Pulmnology/Critical Care in Chicago. Baburís wife, Tarannum, is a medical resident at Georgetown University and is pursuing a career in Pediatric/Neurology.

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