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Welcome to Tri-State Labs Inc. (TSL) along with its division Environmental Control Labs (EC Labs). The leaders in environmental services. Our services are not limited to the tri-state area but we also accept analytical work from anywhere in the United States and are actively pursuing international business. TSL also handles forensic science work and is judicially recognized for expert testimony.


Science and technology has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Laws are constantly being broadened and revised to insure the quality of the food we eat, water we drink, fuel we burn, environment in which we live, chemicals we use in the manufacturing industry and apply for domestic and agricultural needs. The enforcement of such laws in civil and criminal cases is affecting activities that most intimately influence our daily lives. With the growth of science and technology, emergence of new fields of study and services are natural. Our plans and services at Tri-State Labs, Inc. are designed to meet such new challenges as we constantly try to improve the quality of life.


Our mission is to provide all possible scientific services towards the protection of our environment and public health. Assist government and private sector towards the compliance of environmental and safety regulations.

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